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San Francisco Roofing. is one of the most reputable commercial roofing company in San Francisco and an energy efficient roofing bay area companies there is.

San Francisco Roofing started in the Bay Area of California. Michael Stephenson, San Francisco Roofing, brings over 30 years of experience. Since the beginning Platinum has been customer centered specializing in energy efficient “cool roofing”.

Platinum has become an industry leader in energy efficiency through building retrofits including roofing, waterproofing, insulation, daylighting, windows, energy monitoring and solar. Platinum works with our clients to reduce their consumption to pay for upgrades that put money back in their pockets.
Our Mission

San Francisco roofing companies is committed in providing the best energy efficient technologies to our clients. We accomplish this through energy measures which can include roofing, daylighting, lighting, insulation and solar. We know that maximizing efficiency for our clients can make a real difference not only to their bottom line, their occupant health, the environment and the world. We are passionate about making our world a better place one building at a time.

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